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Execution Management System

RiskVal is excited to introduce the new MTS Cash service for our Euro govie clients.  MTS Cash offers a liquid, transparent and efficient European interdealer bond marketplace. By integrating MTS Cash would enable traders to access MTS prices, market depths, and liquid data side by side with RiskVal’s cutting edge relative value analysis for fast trade identification.


RiskVal’s MTS service comes with Order Management (OM) service, it seamlessly integrates with MTS’ BondVision (BV) such that traders can submit trades to BV directly from RiskVal without re-entering trade in BV platform. RiskVal's MTS service offers the best of RiskVal pre-trade analytics with MTS Cash + BV to improve trading profitability for our clients.

MTS Specific Columns & Sheets

The subscribed MTS users are now able to take advantage of MTS data that has been successfully integrated into RiskVal Pre-Trade Analytics (RVFI). The RVFI MTS service enhances the EUR Bond Roll sheet and EUR Sprd/Bfly with price and volume data, and adds two additional MTS specific sheets: MTS Trade Blotter and MTS Trade Flows. 

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Seamless Integration to Execute Trades 

This integration gives users the exciting new opportunity to analyze individual bonds and strategies in RVFI side by side with MTS volume and trade data. 


Using RiskVal’s proprietary RV measures like the popular CMT curve to identify profitable trades, traders can discover, build and send these strategies from RVFI directly to MTS to be executed.

Send From Sprd_Bfly.png

Track Executed Trades

Once a trade is executed, it will automatically be reflected in the RVFI trade blotter sheet. Traders can compare the executed spread with the referenced spread to see how efficient execution levels are in MTS compared to the actual spread. 


Advanced Liquidity Analysis

RVFI aggregates and displays MTS’ trade volume by country, sector and issue, giving traders actionable insights.

Traders can not only drill down further into each country, but also filter by buys or sells. This arms traders with the knowledge of the most liquid countries and gives them insight into market flows of each sector and issue.

To get access to RiskVal MTS service, a user must be authorized by MTS and have an active or trial RiskVal Pre-Trade Analytics license. 


For more details, our team is available 24/5 and can be reached via any of the following channels:


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