Traditionally, pre-trade analytics are built by traders or desk quants using spreadsheets which has multiple limitations. At RiskVal, our quant and developer teams have built the industry-leading analytics solution, helping traders identify trades, build strategies and generate alpha.

RiskVal is known for our closeness to the market and dedication to providing first-class support. We work directly with traders and PMs daily to enhance and develop our analytics. This allows us to stay ahead of the curve and remain the market leader in Fixed Income analytics.

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Pre-trade analytics


RVFI is RiskVal’s flagship Fixed Income front-office pre-trade analytics solution. It has G30 platform fully integrated with real-time market data and 19+ years of historic data. To make users optimize the day to day analysis, 200+ relative value trading analysis is within one click. Moreover, users can export selected data into spreadsheets.

Risk Management


RVPortfolio is an award-winning solution recognized for its comprehensive product coverage as well as in-depth analysis on risk and P&L explained.Covers VaR, various scenario analysis, risk-reporting, multi-layered portfolio and more features to help portfolio managers and risk managers to easily monitor their portfolio.


Weekly Releases


Trading Strategies


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Why RiskVal?

RiskVal is dedicated to provide the best pre-trade analytics and risk management solutions worldwide.

Trade Features

Covers G30 fixed income cash, derivatives, and exchange-traded futures and options

Stress Tested

Stress-tested by most active portfolio manager since 2001

High-Quality Data

19 + years of high-quality historical time series data for EOD close and derived relative

Certified data Center

A SaaS hosted in SAS70 certified data center

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