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RVFI is a multi-currency and multistrategy pre-trade system that allows traders and portfolio managers to run an in-depth analysis using relative value metrics and measures and generate new trading strategies to maximize alpha. This is a ready-to-use SaaS platform installed natively on each user’s PC.

It covers all interest rate instruments, from cash and plain vanilla securities to exotic derivatives over the universe of G30 currencies. RVFI’s risk management framework is carefully designed to provide intraday front office risks and P&L management.

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Pre-Trade Analytics(RVFI)


RiskVal Relative Value Fixed Income is a multi-currency system. The system is set up to cover G30, within each currency, it can handle the interest rate swap market, bond list, futures,Vol, and a lot of exotic instruments within a more liquid spaces. Users can select their own preference and save as default but is also able to adjust it afterwards.


200+ Trading Strategies

RVFI has more than 200 relative value trading strategies which we developed over the last 19+ years. With this software, it's easy to quickly model trades and track a variety of pre-trade analytics. Simply follow the format references and users can enter the strategies they desired.

19+ Years Historic/Live Data

The back-end engine of RVFI is powered by the clients live pricing source of their choice, most commonly Bloomberg. The information drawn is used to build curves and model other vital information to track live pricing information and produce real-time analytics. It also stores 19+ years of high quality historic data, stress tested by the buy and sell side.Both live and historic data are integrated into all trading strategy for horizon analysis, performance analysis, and regression analysis.


24/5 Real-Time Support 

Our business analysts are available on multi-channels for immediate assistance

Weekly Enhancement

Every Friday the development team pushes a new release based on users feedback

To learn more features, explore a 14-day free trial

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