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Traditionally, pre-trade analytics are built by traders or desk quants using spreadsheets, which is time consuming and difficult to maintain. RiskVal believes that pre-trade analytics should be a universal tool on all trading desks.


In our fast moving market, pre-trade analytics become more difficult to build and maintain, as they rely on correct real-time market data and a large amount of historical data.  Ultimately, it should help the trader create alpha and generate trading signals while reducing human dependency.


Over the last 18 years, RiskVal has been carrying the mission “built by traders for traders” by working closely with traders and committing to “help smart traders to trade better”.


Key Features

  • Fully integrated platform with real-time market data and security master along with industry stressed test analytics 


  • 3-step trading workflow:

  1. Monitor real-time trading sectors and identify relative value

  2. Generate trading strategies based on selected relative values

  3. Monetize favorable trades into an execution plan


  • 19 years of high-quality market data and derived relative value measures are integrated into all trading strategy for horizon analysis, performance analysis, and regression analysis.


  • All weekly enhancement requests are delivered to our clients at our best effort.


Key Advantages of RiskVal's Pre-Trade Analytics


19+ years High-quality  data



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