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User Experience Enhancements | Weekly Release 4/3/20

Enhancement #1

Added “Tool” – “Take Screenshot” to all floating windows to make it easier for traders to generate & share a snapshot of their RiskVal screen with clients and colleagues

From the “Tool” menu, select “Take Screenshot” to highlight any part of your screen using click + drag action.

RiskVal will generate a screenshot preview, which you can click the “Edit” button to overlay with your own note. Click “Share” to create a link or “Copy” to paste the screenshot in your email.

We encourage users to use this feature to share screenshots with clients and colleagues anytime as the screenshot will include RiskVal’s logo in the lower right corner.


Enhancement #2

Added an option to “Gather off-screen windows here” to help traders who restore their back up and have their floating windows saved out of the current PC’s screen space

Given the current situation, more traders are working from home; to help traders facilitate their transition from their work PCs to their home PCs, the option to bring off-screen windows to where the main desktop is has been added. After a trader has restored their back up, it may seem that there are missing windows, however, the windows are simply saved to another monitor which is no longer available.

Clicking on “Desktop” – “Gather off-screen windows here”, will bring the windows out of range back to the where the main desktop is shown.

Please click “Desktop” – “Save Desktop” to re-save the new profile configuration.


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