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User Experience Enhancements | Weekly Release 1/8/20

Enhancement #1

Allow traders to remove columns at the sheet level

Traders can delete specific columns and create/update their ‘User views’ at the sheet level.

First, traders need to select multiple columns. After selecting one column, traders should hold <CTRL> and select the rest of the columns they would like to remove. <Right click> on the column header and select "Remove Columns".

From the pop-up window, traders can name and save a new user view that does not include previously highlighted columns.

Their specific user view, traders can find under "Table" - "User Views".


Enhancement #2

Standardized “SOFR/ESTR YY/Z” columns to “SOFR/ESTR Sprd YY/Z” across USD/EUR Sprd/Bfly, USD/EUR Bond, USD/EUR TBill, USD Agency, USD S+SP, and Swap Box

To keep the GUI consistent across the board, there have been a few minor changes in the naming scheme. The definitions behind each name will continue to be the same, it is simply the labeling that has changed. Please take a look at the table below for a refresher on the column definitions.


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