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USD TBill Enhancements| Weekly Release 3/31/2023

Enhancement #1: Added ability to enter custom historical date for Hist & Diff dropdowns

Traders can now customize historical date and modify time difference by entering a historical date. The preference is under “Preferences” – “Graph” – “Custom Date (MM/DD/YYYY)”.

For example, traders can enter 07/15/2022 as the custom date. “HIST” and “Diff” dropdowns will update to the custom date. This update is reflected in the graphs on the bottom of the tab.

Note: Traders can plot the historical data as a line or dots from checking/unchecking “Preferences” – “Graph” – “Show HIST in Line”.

Enhancement #2: Added “Yld” to graph dropdown

Traders can now see the “Yld” graph in USD TBill. To populate the graph, traders need to click the “Graph” dropdown menu and click on the desired term.


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