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Trade Blotter Enhancements | Weekly Release 2/7/20

Enhancement #1

To help traders manage their swap positions easier, we added a function to create the unwind trade to offset the original swap position

In the ‘swap’ tab, traders can use this function to create another line item with the same details of the original trade, except, it will be in the opposite direction to cancel the swap trade.


Enhancement #2

Allow FX traders to aggregate their FX Spot/Fwd, FX Option and FX Exotic positions to estimate the Prev Cum P&L given a custom closing date

In this release, the Cum P&L will be calculated for FX Spot/Fwd, FX Option, and FX Exotic trades. Enter the Closing Date in each section for each of the trade types. The positions with the Trade Date prior to the Closing Date will populate the Cum P&L.



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