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Trade Blotter Enhancements | Weekly Release 12/09/22

Enhancement #1: Traders can now override “Prev Prem bp” to set the closing price of the option

Traders can now select and overwrite the cell in “Prev Prem bp” column to set the closing price of the option. The daily P&L will change accordingly. Please note that the daily P&L will not change if “Trade Date” is set as today.

Note: Traders can add and organize columns from “Table”“Manage Columns” in the option section menu.

Enhancement #2: Added the ability to duplicate line items

“Duplicate Current Row” option has been added to the “Edit Rows” drop-down after the trader <right clicks> on a cell. This option duplicates one row below the current one with the same details.

Note: This option is only available for one single line item.


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