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Trade Blotter Enhancements | Weekly Release 11/10/2023

#1: Added support for 1-month & 3-month ESTR futures

To create a new tab with Future trade type, click the “New” button at the top of the sheet & select “Future”. To add Future trade type to an already existing tab, click the “Type” dropdown & select Future.

To enter 1-month ESTR futures, traders can use “OM+[Month]+[Year]”. For example, “OMF4” for January 2024 contract.

To enter 3-month ESTR futures, traders can use “TKY+[HMUZ]+[Year]” format. For example, “TKYH4” for March 2024 contract.

#2: Added alerts functionality

Traders can now set alerts on cells in Trade Blotter sheet, similar to existing alert functionality in Sprd/Bfly & Forward Swap Matrix sheets.

To set an alert, traders can click “Tools” – “Set Alerts” or <right click> in the cell & select “Set Alerts”. In the “Set Alerts” popup box, check the metric & then set the “High” & “Low” values.

The following table shows trade types & corresponding metrics that alert functionality is available for in Trade Blotter

Note: Traders can access alert settings under “Tools” – “Config Alerts

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