Trade Blotter Enhancement | Weekly Release 7/3/20

Added “Blotter Manager” function to allow traders to summarize all line items across all tabs

To help traders better organize their tabs in the Trade Blotter, the “Blotter Manager” tab. This way traders can see the summary of each tab all on one sheet as well as drill down to the security types. To open the tab, see below.

1- Click on “Preferences” – “Show Blotter Manager

2- Close the tab, <right click> on the tab and select “Delete Tab

3- Open the tab again with the instructions specified above.

4- Click on “Tools” – “Config Tabs under Blotter Manager

5- Select the tabs to be added to the “Blotter Manager” and click on “Apply

6- The “Blotter Manager” will populate with the tab’s details

Note: Traders can click on “Expand All” to see the details of each tab as shown in the screenshot

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