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Trade Blotter Enhancement| Weekly Release 4/26/2024

# 1: [MTGE] Added “Schedule MTGE Data Refresh” function


Instead of having to refresh PV & risk for mortgages manually, traders can now set a schedule for the data to refresh. To do so, after entering mortgage securities, click “Tools” – “Schedule MTGE Data Refresh”. In the pop up, select “Enabled” and your preferred refresh rate, described as follows.


“Scheduled Refresh” will enable traders to set a daily time to refresh the data.“Periodic Refresh” will enable traders to set a periodic interval, such as every 60mins, to refresh the data.

“Refresh Now” will refresh the data immediately. After setting preferences, click “Save”.


Extended “To Realize P&L” functionality to support bonds and swaps


Support has been added to send closed bond & swap positions to Realized P&L section. To do so, highlight trades, <right-click> & select “To Realized P&L”. Realized P&L section will be automatically loaded & populated with selected trades. Here traders will easily be able to track cumulative p&l for closed trades.



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