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Trade Blotter Enhancement | Weekly Release 3/8/2024

1: [AUD] Added preference to separate treasury & semi bond risk


After entering bond positions, traders can check “X” column to include them in the calculation.

From Preferences” - check “Separate Risk for AUD Try/Semi” flag and run risk calculation from the “Calculation” dropdown. RiskVal will separate Trsy Bonds & Semi Bonds in the calculation window. All other bonds, such as SSA, will be added into an “Other” category.

Notes: To add “Bond” section, click on “Type” dropdown

2: Added “Clean MTM” & “Clean MTM USD” columns


From “Table” – “Mange Columns” traders can add “Clean MTM” & “Clean MTM USD” columns to their view.

Clean MTM” represents difference between “Clean Cum P&L” and “Pull to Par P&L” columns. 


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