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Trade Blotter Enhancements | Weekly Release 10/06/2023

Enhancement #1: Added new bulk upload of the Custom Bond Cashflow

To create a new Custom Bond Cashflow tab, click “New” & select “Custom Bond Cashflow”. To add this new trade type to an already existing tab, click the “Type” dropdown & select it from there.

To upload in bulk, under the Custom Bond Cashflow section:

1) Under the “Name” column, give the trades a name. This Name will be used in the upload doc to identify the cashflows for each trade.

2) Click “Help” – “Sample Batch Import (.csv)” to download the sample file to be used. In this sample file, the default names are “cf1”, “cf2”, and “cf3”.

3) After updating doc with cashflows, click “Tools” – “Batch Import

Enhancement #2: Calculating Delta PnL for Bonds and Futures

In the Summary section, traders can add “Delta P/L” column; once futures and bonds are entered and “X” column is checked, RiskVal will calculate & populate “Delta P/L”.

Traders can add “Delta P/L” column from “Table-Manage column”.


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