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Sprd/Bfly Enhancements | Weekly Release 4/14/2023

Enhancement #1: Added conditional formatting functionality, also available in CCY Bond

Traders can now access the conditional formatting function in the “CCY Sprd/Bfly” windows by <right-clicking> in any column & selecting the “Manage Conditional Color”.

In the “Manage Conditional Color” pop-up window:

1) Select a metric from the left panel

2) Set the condition using the “Condition” dropdown. More than one condition can be set for a metric.

3) Set the value, or values if condition chosen is Between, using the “Value” boxes

4) Set the color to highlight cells if the condition is met using the “Color” dropdown.

5) Click “Save”

Cells in the sheets will be highlighted in the selected color if the condition(s) is met.

The function is also available in the CCY Bond sheet.

Enhancement #2: [EUR] Added support for ITRX XOVER CDSI S37 5Y

Traders can now view the “ITRX XOVER CDSI S37 5Y” index in the “EUR Sprd/Bfly” window by entering “XOVER37”. Traders can hover the cursor over the cell under the “Sprd” column to see what the symbol displays.


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