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Sprd/Bfly Enhancements| Weekly Release 2/23/2024

#1 : [EUR] Added alert function for “ESprd Z RVS” column 


Traders can now set alerts for the ESprd Z RVS”, by <right-clicking> and selecting the “Set Alerts” menu.


Traders can also move to the Tools” – “Set Alerts” menu and set the alerts for the “ESprd Z RVS” figure(s) from the pop-up window as well.


#2 : [USD/EUR] Added support for “FSSprd/FESprd YY/Z” columns


In this week’s release, RiskVal added “FSSprd YY/Z” columns in the USD Sprd/Bfly & “FESprd YY/Z” columns in the EUR Sprd/Bfly window. The columns can be added in the “Table” – “Manage Columns” menu.


To populate the columns, traders can enter the forward date in the “Fwd Dt” box located under the USD/EUR Bond window.

Note: If there is a future entered, the repo forward to the delivery date will be populate the columns


#3 : [USD/EUR] Added ability to generate the “RSI 14 Graph” via right-click & “RSI 14” button in “SSprd/ESprd/ASW YY/T” historical graphs


In this week’s release, traders can generate the “RSI 14” graph (The Relative Strength Index value of today calculated with N=14 days) for “SSprd/ESprd/ASW YY/T” figures in two ways:


1-      <Right-click> the cell under the column and select the “RSI 14 Graph” menu

2-      <Double-click> the cell under the column to open the historical graph pop-up window and click the “RSI 14” button located at the bottom of the window.


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