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Sprd/Bfly Enhancements | Weekly Release 10/13/2023

Enhancement #1: Added SSprd/ESprd Z Diff set of columns

From “Table-Manage Columns” traders can add “SSprd Z Diff” & “ESprd Z Diff” sets of columns and look at the difference between TIPS and treasury bond.

RiskVal has historical data for SSprd/ESprd Z Diff column that traders can access by <double clicking>.

Enhancement #2: Added support for 2-digit SFR future

Traders can add “SFR+[HMUZ]+ ##” syntaxes in Sprd/Bfly and Forward Swap Matrix sheets to load longer end SFR futures; using the new double number convention. This also applies to the SFR Monitor.

Enhancement #3: [JPY] Add Simple Yield real-time chart column

1) To add this column, go to “Table” – “Manage Columns” & move the “Simp Yld Rt Chart” column to “Displayed Columns” & “Save”.

2) Click “Preferences” – “RT Intraday Chart” – “Show Chart” – “Show Simple


3) Click “RT Charts” – Load Server Chart Data

Note: (1) Traders can double click cells in “Simp Yld Rt Chart” to pop out larger graph. (2) Traders can click on “RT Charts” -> “Auto Show Chart” to ensure the live graphs will load when RiskVal loads.

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