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Sprd/Bfly Enhancements | Weekly Release 1/5/2024

#1: Added shortcut functionality to select “Sprd/Bfly/Multi” graphing options


From “Preferences-Graph-Config Graph Shortcuts…” traders can set hotkeys for Spread, Bfly and Multi Graph charting.


After setting controls, and hitting “Apply”, traders can use them on any fields that have light blue triangle in the upper left corner as that indicates historical data. These hotkeys are also available in Forward Swap Matrix and in CCY Bond sheets.

 Traders can then select the cells and use the hot key, <Ctrl +M> as in the screenshot above. This will trigger the multigraph to open.

#2: Added option to enter comment line for already existing inputs


From “Tools-Remove Unsupported Strategies” traders can select unsupported strategies and hit “Comment”. This feature will add “=” in front of the non-supported strategies.


By doing this, traders reduce risk of potentially breaking and slowing down their Sprd/Bfly sheet. When strategies are highlighted yellow the system indicates that they are non-supported. With this feature, traders can easily make invalid line items into comments and avoid any slowness in their sheets.


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