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Sprd/Bfly Enhancements | Weekly Release 08/25/2023

Enhancement #1: [Scatter Plot] Allow traders to change dot style/color for default points and the last points

In last week’s release, RiskVal added an option to customize dot color and shape when plotting regression charts. In this week’s release, traders can now change the default Dot Shape and Color as well as the Last Points. From <Right Click> - “Multi Graph” – “Regression Chart”, traders can click the “Plot Settings” button to access the function.

Once the “Colors by Dates” pop-up window is open, traders can choose the color and shape (circle, triangle, & diamond) for the “Default” and “Last Points”. Once the setting is finished, traders can click the “Apply” button to see the changes.

Enhancement #2: [GBP] Added “SONIA Sprd Z Diff” set of columns

Traders can now add “SONIA Sprd Z Diff” column, which is equivalent to OISSprd Z minus Treasury OISSprd Z, to GBP Sprd/Bfly for TIPS analysis. “SONIA Sprd dZ Diff” column is also available to view the spread’s change on day. To add and arrange these columns, go to “Table – Manage Columns” and save the view.

Enhancement #3: Added MPMIEZMA

Eurozone Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) has been added to Sprd/Bfly sheet. Traders can enter the Bloomberg ticker “MPMIEZMA” to load the index.


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