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Sprd/Bfly Enhancements | Weekly Release 08/07/2023

Enhancement #1: Added ability to specify real time chart data range

From “Preferences-RT Intraday/Chart - Config Trading Hours” flag, traders can adjust the displayed intraday trading hours. After setting the “From” and “To” times, click on “Save” to set it.

To populate real time charts, traders can select “Preferences-RT Intraday/Chart – Show Charts” and select added metric, then click on “Charts-Load Chart Data”.

Note: To adjust real time charts, click on “Charts” dropdown

Enhancement #2: Added ESprd YY/Z MR Freq & ESprd YY/Z 1 Std MR Freq columns

From “Table-Manage Columns” traders can add “ESprd Z/YY MR Freq” & “ESprd Z/YY 1 Std MR Freq” columns.

After traders populate ESprd YY & ESprd Z historical graphs, newly added columns count the number of times a trade goes from +/- 1 Stdev level back to the mean (1 Std MR Freq). MR Freq column shows how many times strategy crossed the mean line.

In the historical spread chart, traders can check “Mean” and “+/-1 Stdev” boxes to easily see the Standard Deviation Mean Reversion Frequency.


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