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Sprd/Bfly Enhancement | Weekly Release 05/19/2023

Enhancement #1: Added option to sort columns by absolute level

Traders can now sort the columns based on the absolute level of the data by <right-clicking> the column header and selecting the “Sort by Absolute Level” function.

This function will take the absolute value of each row and sort it from highest to lowest.

Note: To revert to the original order, <right-click> the header and select the “Undo Sort”.

Enhancement #2: Added support for square & absolute value for Custom Column formulas

In this week’s release, traders can select square & absolute value options for Custom Columns formulas. From “Table” – “Manage Columns”, traders can customize the columns by selecting the “Custom Columns” button located on the right and clicking the “New” button to create a custom column.

When the “Create New Custom Column” pop-up window opens, traders can select the column(s) and click the “Add Col” button to add the columns to the formula. Then, traders can click the “|x|” option to choose an absolute value of the column(s) and/or the “x2” option to select a square value of the column(s). Once the formula is completed, please enter the title in the “Name” section and click “Save”.

The Custom column will be available under the “Available Columns” table in the “Manage Column” pop-up window. Traders will need to add the column(s) to their view by moving the column to the “Displayed Columns” table and clicking the “Save As” button.


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