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RiskVal - National Tsing Hua University Collaboration

RiskVal Financial Solutions, a global supplier of Software as a Service (SaaS) for pre-trade analysis and risk management, is proud to announce a collaboration with National Tsing Hua University in an effort to nurture interest and advance the knowledge of students in fixed income securities. The goals of this course are to describe important fixed income securities and markets, and tools for valuation and risk management. The RiskVal team has developed a comprehensive curriculum for the online class and will teach and share its unique practical industry experience with the goal to better equip students to fulfill their potential and realize their professional goals. The course covers traditional bonds and term structure concepts as well as fixed income derivatives and interest rate modeling.

The collaboration is led by Dr. Wei-Cheng Wang, the Dean of the Department of Mathematics at NTHU. His research focuses on calculus, numerical analysis, and hydromechanics. Through these courses, the academic committee helps mathematics and finance-majored students develop 4 core abilities: 1) advance mathematical knowledge 2) discover, analyze and solve problems 3) apply mathematical concepts in other subjects 4) use mathematics for logical reasoning.

RiskVal’s CEO Jordan Hu is a National Tsing Hua University alumnus, having earned a degree in applied math from the university in 1984. Inspired by the summer courses at the NTHU, Jordan pursued his Master's degree in computer science at New Jersey Institute of Technology and launched his career in finance. In Mr. Hu's own words: “If it was not for the summer courses and rigorous quantitative training at NTHU, I would not dare to have the epiphany of combining computer science with mathematics. Further, landing a career in the fixed income trading company. Therefore, I would like to contribute my knowledge and my experience to inspire the young generation in NTHU.”

NTHU and RiskVal are looking forward to many years of fruitful collaboration and envision developing new educational projects throughout the life of the alliance.



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