New Global IVSP Enhancement | Weekly Release 4/2/21

Added carry, roll, and carry+ roll columns for IVSP SOFR/ESTR YY columns, also available in the USD/EUR IVSP

Added “IVSP SOFR/ESTR YY C”, “IVSP SOFR/ESTR YY R”, “IVSP SOFR/ESTR YY C+R” columns to New Global IVSP as well as the USD/EUR IVSP sheets.

To add these columns, traders can click “Table” – “Manage Columns”; search for these columns. The columns will highlight yellow in “Available Columns”. Traders can move them to “Displayed Columns”. Click “Save As” to create a new user view, or “Save” to add the columns to the current view.

Note: These columns are also available in the USD/EUR IVSP. Traders can open the USD/EUR IVSP sheets by clicking “Window” – “Invoice Spread” – “USD/EUR Invoice Spread”.

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