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Market View - WI Enhancement | Weekly Release 5/15/20

Allow traders to create WIs for 10s and 30s bonds and set fwd date to reopening dates

Previously when creating 10 and 30 year original issue series WI bonds the forward date could only be set to the upcoming issue date or the next issue date. The options for forward dates have been expanded to include reopening dates.

Now traders can set the forward date for 10 and 30 year WIs to be the first issue date of original issues, the first reopening after, the second reopening, or the next issuance of original issues. This gives traders increased flexibility in looking at information in the forward space and covers the gaps not experienced by other original issues that auction every month.

To set the forward date as a reopening date, first create a 10 or 30 year WI. Then, under the “Fwd Date” column click the drop down and select one of the four options for forward dates. The default forward date will be the first issue date.


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