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Historical Viewer Enhancements | Weekly Release 6/10/22

Enhancement #1:

Added support for AUD TIPS

To complete the TIPS data available in Historical Viewer, the AUD TIPS have been added. From the “Series”, traders can select “Bond-TIPS” – “AUD”- select bonds & hit “Plot” in the upper right-hand corner of the sheet.

Enhancement #2:

Added additional SER & SFR Px & Rates

In addition to adding the AUD TIPS, we have expanded the available SER and SFR futures available to show the Rate and Price. The SFR has been extended to the 25th SFR future, while the SER is available up to the 12th.

From the “Series”, traders can select “Fut - SOFR” – “Px/Rate” – “SFR/SER” – select the futures – and hit “Plot”.


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