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EUR Sprd/Bfly Analysis Enhancement| Weekly Release 4/12/2024

#1: Added current level & change on day for Yld, ASW YY, ASW Z, ASW T


“Yld”, “dYld”, “ASW YY”, “ASW dYY”, “ASW Z”, “ASW dZ”, “ASW T”, “ASW dT” have been added under “Preferences” – “Data Type”. After selecting the data type, the sheet will be updated automatically.


Traders can create multiple tabs to see other data types. To create a new tab, click “Tabs”“New Tab”, give the tab a name & select the data type.


#2: Added support for CMT format


Traders can now enter CMT strategies in this sheet using format “CMT#” for outrights, “CMT#/CMT#” for spread strategies, “CMT#/CMT#/CMT#” for butterfly strategies. 


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