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EUR Bond Enhancement | Weekly Release 05/19/2023

Traders can use the “Comp Trsy” column to set the comparative treasury country or bond for each individual country in the EUR Bond sheet. Traders can set the comp treasuries in few different ways:

1) Click “Tools” – “Set Comp Trsy”. This will bring up the “Country Selector” window where traders can set comp treasury for each country.

2) <Right-click> in the “Comp Trsy” column & select “Set Comp Trsy”.

3) To set the comp treasury for just one bond, <double-click> in the “Comp Trsy” column for this bond. This will bring up the “Bond Chooser” to select the comp treasury.

In the “Country Selector” window, to set comp treasury click on the “Select” column to open the dropdown. In this week’s release support has been added to set SSAs as comp treasuries. To do so, select “SSA Tickers” from the dropdown. This will open the “Ticker Chooser” window where traders can select tickers. Click “Apply”.

Notes on filters:

Include Green Bond” will include green bonds as comp treasuries.

Iss (B$)” allows traders to set a range for the issue size of the selected comp treasuries.

Apply to”:

Highlighted”: Will apply selections to the selected bonds in the sheet

Current Tab”: Will apply selections to bonds in the current tab All Tabs”: Will apply selections to bonds in all tabs

Note 2: To reset to original comp treasuries, in the “Set Comp Trsy” window, click “Reset


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