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Sprd/Bfly Enhancements | Weekly Release 1/28/22

Enhancement 1:

Added “Sprd Min”, “Sprd Max”, & “Sprd Max-Min” columns, also available in the Forward Swap Matrix

Trader can add Minimum Spread, Maximum Spread, and the difference between the two. Add the columns from “Table”“Manage Columns”.

The threshold is 3months, in the screenshot below see the Max and Min points over the last three months for the 7/10 spread.

Enhancement 2:

[USD & EUR] Added ability to send trades to Historical Viewer from SSprd/Esprd YY & Z columns

Traders can <right click> on the strategy under the “SSprd/Esprd YY/Z” columns, click “To HistoricalViewer”, select “Append Current” or “Create New” in the popup window. The strategy will be sent to the “Historical Viewer”.


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