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Bond/TIPS/TBILL/ Agency Enhancement | Weekly Release 3/19/21

Added “MM Position” column to allow traders to enter their positions on the bonds, with color highlighting and filtering to better visualize the bonds that have positions. In addition, to help populate the “Position” column, a sample “Position file” is under the Help menu

Traders can enter the position directly in the “Position” column or upload their positions on a CSV file containing a header row and two columns. The left column ISIN/CUSIP and the right column the corresponding positions.

To Import the file:

  1. Click on “Tools” – “Import Position”

  2. Search for the position file and click “OK”

  3. Click on “OK” on the confirmation pop-up

Traders can filter and color code the bonds by positions as well.

  • There is a “Position” button to filter the list (in the screenshot above)

  • The color code is under the “Format” – “Color Management

Note: Should traders have the “Orig” bonds color coded, the “Position” will take precedence and overwrite the “Orig” colors set.


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