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Bond Roll Enhancements | Weekly Release 5/7/21

Added OIS Spread Z Spline curve and set of “OISprd Z RVS” columns

In this release, there is a new relative value spread added, the OISprd Z RVS. This column shows the bond’s spread to the OIS Sprd Z Spline curve.

RiskVal’s OIS Sprd Z Spline Curve fitting points take the entire bond universe into account. The curve uses the OIS Z-Spreads of all bonds to fit a spline model and minimize the sum of square errors (RVS).

OIS Sprd Z Spline Curve Weight

Default weighting for available curves for each CCY:

  • USD, GBP, JPY: Free Float x DV01

  • EUR: Issue Size x DV01

  • AUD, CAD: Outstanding Size x DV01


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