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Alert Management Enhancement | Weekly Release 4/10/20

To assist traders in managing their strategies and the right time to execute or unwind a position, the alerts function in RiskVal is very useful. The alert functions have been revamped to streamline and unify the alerts whether it is from the Sprd/Bfly or the Forward Swap Matrix.

From both the Forward Swap Matrix or the Sprd/Bfly, to open the Alerts Menu, click on “Tools” - “Manage Alerts”.

In this week’s release, all alerts will autosave. Additionally, settings are shared between the Forward Swap Matrix and the Sprd/Bfly, any changes made from one window, will propagate to the other window.

Click the “Show Config” button to manage alert details.

From: The time frame for the alerts to be active

Notifications: This section allows the user to choose the method of notifications

  • Enable / Disable: Trade must enable extra notifications.

  • Email: Email address to which to send the alert to

  • Batch Interval (Min): How often to send the e-mails to the specified address

  • Desktop Notification: Enables the notification on the main desktop on the bottom right corner

  • Desktop Pop up: Shows the interactive pop up at the center of the workbook

Settings: Choose how to be alerted when the strategy crosses the high/low boundary.

  • Delay Alert (Min): How many minutes must the position stay in the boundary before the alert is triggered; this is to avoid getting many alerts due to swings in the market. I.e. The position must stay in the triggered position for about 10 minutes if set to 10.

  • Blink Alert Row (Sec): The number of seconds the row must flash as it is triggered

  • Highlight Alert Row: Once the Alert is triggered, highlight the row and keep it highlighted until the trader acknowledges it


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