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Why Learn Mathematics?

Jordan Hu said that mathematics helps find human value. (Xu Zhenhui / Photography)

In 2018, Jordan won the Taiwan Overseas Taiwanese Rock Award. (Xu Zhenhui / Photography)

On a Sunday morning in October, in the famous Mohonk Mountains of New York State, Jordan Hu hiked with friends who have been together for 40 years. October in New York has become more autumn, and Jordan used a drone to leave their two couples in the blue sky and green space.

Jordan Hu is from Taiwan, graduated from Tsinghua University, and obtained a master's degree in computer science from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Jordan loves work and his family. Although he is very busy, he still meets with his friend for one year, which shows that he loves friends. Along the way, Jordan's life was full and fulfilling. The following is Jordan Hu talking about mathematics and life in the first person.

Math can train thinking

I have three children, two daughters and one son. They are all good at math, but only the son decided to go the math path. It was up to him. After my son majored in mathematics, I think his way of thinking and speaking is clearer than before.

I think it doesn't matter what your child learns, but be interested in what they're learning. In a highly competitive society, if children are not interested in what they do, they will lack creativity and enthusiasm. Even if the child is going to be a doctor or accountant in the future, he can still learn mathematics and train his thinking and working ability.

Parents inevitably have expectations for their children, and that expectation is very delicate. The child becomes a doctor, lawyer, or trader. If that is not what he wants to do, will he be happy? The dreams of parents are not the dreams of children. The happiness of parents should not be built on children. As long as the child's character is good, he can try anything, and parents should support it.

Learn mathematics trained you how to find the answer step by step in a scientific way without an answer, this process will make mistakes, but you can find methods to improve.

For example, there is a pile of colorful balls in a box. How fast can I reach the ball of the color I want. This is a mathematical problem, that is, finding the optimal solution. This is the value of mathematics. For another example, how did the stock market develop and will the results of yesterday continue to happen tomorrow? There is no absolute answer, only possible answers.

Do things consistently

I suggest young people focus on three things: first, a healthy lifestyle. A healthy body, mind, and lifestyle can help you a lot. Second, stay productive. The meaning of productive is very broad, that is, to be fruitful. Third, stay persistent, that is, things must be sustained.

In modern society, the fields of electrical machinery, machinery, and chemical industry are developed, and there are many job opportunities, but the problem comes: this knowledge will innovate. For example, there were no chips 20 years ago, and now not only the chips handle everything, but they are also drawn by computers. That said, many jobs may disappear in the future.

So what is the last value left by a person? What cannot be replaced? That's your thinking. One can learn from mistakes, and this ability cannot be replaced. For example, the development of self-driving cars is the most difficult. There are hundreds of driving situations, but learning from mistakes, and finally developing self-driving cars. It is the deepest value of man.

The problems encountered in the future society can be solved by the mathematical problems passed down by human beings for two or three thousand years. It is not a dream to live until a hundred years old in the future. Therefore, young people may wish to postpone their career planning a little. It does not matter if they are not stereotyped before the age of 30. Today in the 21st century, there are various types of jobs, and there are many opportunities to generate income. As long as you study hard and find a direction, all walks of life can be the champions.

Feedback and mission drive forward

In March 2019, I was nominated by the governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, and approved by the state legislature. I was elected a director of the New Jersey Institute of Technology. I am very grateful to the New Jersey Institute of Technology for giving me a scholarship that year to study in the United States. In a future plan, RiskVal will work with the New Jersey Institute of Technology to study Data Science.

I offered a scholarship to Tsinghua University, my alma mater, and taught a course called "Finance Mathematics" in the Department of Mathematics, which was taught remotely by my colleagues and me to teach the use of mathematics in financial engineering. In addition, promote the establishment of the North American Foundation of Tsinghua University. RiskVal also set up an office in Taiwan to provide job opportunities. Life is too short, I have a strong sense of mission in life, driving me forward.


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