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Waters Rankings 2017: Best Market Risk Solution Provider & Best Portfolio Management System Provider

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On July 20, 2017, RiskVal Financial Solutions, LLC, a financial engineering service provider, was awarded “Best Market Risk Solution Provider” for RiskVal Fixed Income (RVFI) Analytics, and “Best Portfolio Management System Provider” for RiskVal Portfolio (RVPortfolio) at the Waters Ranking Awards 2017 ceremony, for the second year in a row.

Among this year’s record number of entries, RiskVal was selected by end users across the financial spectrum, setting the standard as a leading provider in the financial industry. Waters Rankings is a widely respected industry awards program organized by Waters Technology.

RiskVal’s Market Risk Solution, RVFI, is a real-time pre-trade relative value analytics system that helps both buy-side and sell-side portfolio managers capture alpha opportunities. Our real-time valuation methods are the value-added concept that drives both our pre-trade analytics and portfolio risk management solution.

“We believe that the traditional market risk systems are not sufficient to address the fast-moving market. A true real-time risk management solution is needed to stay ahead of market dynamics. This involves obtaining a reliable intraday market data source as well as being able to aggregate a live portfolio with a book and record system. RiskVal does a good job in this area. Our clients benefit from this solution by being able to view their market risk in real-time,” said founder and CEO Jordan Hu.

RiskVal’s Portfolio Management System, RVPortfolio, provides portfolio managers with real-time multi-tier portfolio hierarchy to efficiently track books to individual trading strategy views of risk and P/L. “RVPortfolio also provides P/L breakdown to decompose P/L from various risk factors as well as a suite of risk reports, such as scenario risk, bucket risk, gamma risk, vol surface risk, and credit bucket risk,” said Hu.

“I am grateful to share the recognition from our loyal clients and industry for the second year in a row. It really motivates us to continue pushing forward to provide state-of-the-art portfolio service. We hope to work with new clients that can benefit from our solution for their portfolio management.”

RiskVal Financial Solutions is a global supplier of Software as a Service (SaaS) for risk management, portfolio management, and trading strategies. RiskVal’s solutions leverage real-time market data and over ten years of historical data combined with high-speed analytics, which gives traders and portfolio managers a true picture of changing market conditions. The company provides superior round-the-clock weekday customer support service to tier-1 and tier-2 banks, ALMs, and hedge funds collectively totaling more than 300 active portfolio managers. The utilization of SaaS technology and integrated service, ensures all offered solutions are cost effective. RiskVal offers a variety of products covering fixed-income, foreign exchange, and derivatives, tailored for ultimate customization to meet the needs of the end user. RiskVal is differentiated from its competitors through its exemplary customer service, precise financial engineering, and innovative solutions. Its headquarters is located in New York.


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