User Experience: Worksheet Management Enhancements | Weekly Release 4/17/20

Renamed the menu to make the actions more accurate

To help traders further customize the look and feel of RiskVal, the settings for font and color of the tabs are nested under the “Preferences” -> “Worksheet Management” menu. Traders can leverage these menus to emphasize the tabs that are most important to them. See below Sheet Order & Color:

In this menu, the trader can choose what color the font of the tab is and the order of the tabs will be.

Change the Font Color:

1- Select the Cell with the tab name

2- Select the color to change the font color

3- Hit the “Save” button

Change the Tab Order:

1- Select the cell of the tab to be moved

2- With the <Ctrl> and <Up/Down> arrows move the cell

3- Click on “Save”

OTR & CTD BG Color:

In this menu, the trader has the option to change the default colors for the On The Runs (OTRs) and Cheapest To Deliver (CTD).

To Change the Color of the OTRs & CTDs:

1- Select the cell of the bond type to adjust

2- Select the color to change the background

3- Click on save to propagate the colors

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