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User Experience & Refresher on Table Management | Weekly Release 3/27/20

Intraday real-time charts have been removed from default system views across Sprd/Bfly & Forward Swap Matrix to improve memory & CPU

Step #1: To add the intraday charts back to your view, see instructions below:

  1. Click on TableManage Columns

  2. How to Customize the View

a. Select the column(s) to be added from the “Available Columns

i. Use the “Search View/Column” to quickly find columns

ii. For multiple selection: press <CTRL> to select multiple columns

b. Move selected columns from “Available” to “Displayed

i. Either click on the “Greater Than” arrows OR Drag + Drop

c. Displayed Column Sequence

i. Prior to moving the columns from “Available” to “Displayed”, select a column from “Displayed” to pin the location of where to place the new column

ii. Rearrange columns with the “move up” or “move down” buttons

iii. Rearrange columns by pressing the <CTRL> key and using the <UP> and <DOWN> keys simultaneously

3. How to Save a new View

a. Click the Save As button after modifying a system view. Then, enter a new view name in the Save As User View popup window

b. Click the Save button after modifying an existing user view

4. The view will automatically apply to the table

Step #2: From the “Preferences” menu, find “Intraday Chart” to enable the corresponding RT chart and manage the “Intraday Chart Duration


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