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User Experience Enhancements | Weekly Release 11/29/19

In RiskVal’s ongoing efforts to improve the overall workflow and usability, this week’s release features a few adjustments to the RiskVal GUI.


Enhancement #1

Reorganized the back-end tabs such that all curves, including Libor, OIS, CMT, CPI Swap, etc are grouped into a single “Curves” tab

Under Market View, the curves have been reorganized to group each set of curves under its respective currency. This way the traders can see all the curves under a single tab. We hope traders will find this is a much cleaner version of the Market View section.


Enhancement #2

Updated the “Curve Config” tab title as “CCY Config” and relocated directly to the right of the “Curves” tab, providing traders with a smoother workflow when adding/removing currencies

The tab moved to be right next to the Curves tab, to give the trader easier access while configuring their currency set up.


Enhancement #3

Categorized sheets for easier navigation such that traders can quickly discover key sheets and strategies

To help traders find the sheets easier, the “Open Sheet” menu was restructured. In the screenshot example below, all the currency bond sheets are grouped by the bond type.

The rest of the categories contain the appropriate sheets.

Additional changes below:

  • Bond: Updated all bond-related products with "Bond" in the front of the title

Bond - Inflation Linked: Previously grouped under “Inflation”

Bond - Nominal Treasury: Previously grouped under “Roll Analysis”

Bond - SSA, Agcy, FRN: Previously grouped under “Bond ASW”

Bond - STRIPS: Previously grouped under “STRIPS”

Bond - Tbill: Previously grouped under “TBill

  • Historical: Contains “Historical CTD”, which was previously located under “Strategy Arb”

  • Strategy Vol Arb: Previously known as “Vol Arb”. Contains all sheets related to Vol (Listed and OTC) strategies

  • Reduced sheets that are no longer maintained for cleaner navigation


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