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User Experience Enhancements | Weekly Release 3/12/21

Enhancements described in this section of the release notes apply to the whole application. These are improvements are to give the traders a smoother user experience.

Enhancement #1

Added a function to delete multiple tabs at the same time in the Fwd Swap Matrix, Sprd/Bfly, and Bond sheets

Trades can easily delete a few tabs at a time. See instructions below:

1- Click on the “Tabs” – “Delete selected tabs”

2- In the pop-up, select the tabs to be deleted and click on “Delete”

3- The selected tabs will be deleted


Enhancement #2

Autosave is applied to all the tables, should a trader move a column by dragging it to a new position, the new position of the column will be autosaved

To make the customization process more streamlined, traders can drag the columns to where they would like to see them. In previous releases, they would have to click on “Table” – “Save Current Columns”. In this release, the first time they make the change to the view by dragging the column, there will be a pop up asking to give the view a name. After the view has a name, all the subsequent changes will be saved automatically.

Note: Once the view is saved, there will be a pop in the lower right corner of the main window notifying of the saved view.


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