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User Experience Enhancements | Weekly Release 2/28/20

Enhancement #1

[Alerts] Revamped the alerting workflow for traders to give triggered alerts higher priority to quickly react to the market in real-time

These settings are optional for traders who do not want to be interrupted during the trading day with prominent alerts.

Traders can manage these settings from “Preferences” -> “Global Preferences”. Then, click “Show Advanced Settings” to see “Trade Alert Management”.

(1) Alert Popup: Set “Alert Popup” = “Yes” for RiskVal to popup an alert message of the triggered alert with the alert details.

Traders can acknowledge the alert by clicking either “Open” or “Dismiss”. For the Sprd/Bfly and Forward Swap Matrix alerts, clicking “Open” will redirect user to the corresponding RV measure and popup a historical graph.

(2) Alert Flash Duration: When an Alert is triggered, the “Alert Monitor” will flash yellow to show there is a new alert until user acknowledges the alert.

(3) Show Alert Notification (Swap Box)

This option lets traders choose whether or not to show triggered alerts from Swap Box to display in the Main Desktop’s dialogue window.


Enhancement #2

Removed the ‘x’ to close sheets/tabs. Sheets/Tabs can be closed (or renamed if applicable) by right-click function

We removed the ‘x’ function to avoid users from accidentally closing sheets or tabs.


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