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User Experience Enhancements | Weekly Release 2/12/21

Enhancement #1

Allow traders to turn off the “always on top” for the historical graphs pop up

In previous releases, there was an enhancement to keep all the pop-up historical graphs “Always on Top” of the RiskVal windows. In this scenario, the historical graphs would block the spread/bfly and the main desktop. In this release, the option to turn this feature on has been added.

To turn off the “Always on Top” of the historical graphs,

  1. Click on “Preferences” – “Global Preferences

  2. In the pop up, check on “Show Advanced Settings

  3. Go to “Advanced” – “GUI Preferences

  4. Next to “Pop up Window Always On Top”, select “No” from the dropdown

  5. Finally, click “Apply”, then “OK” on the pop up.


Enhancement #2

Updated Table Management such that, when traders click + drag the columns directly on the sheet, they will be prompted with an initial pop up to save the custom view. Any subsequent column changes will be automatically saved to preserve the updated user view

In any sheet, including the Sprd/Bfly, Forward Swap Matrix, Bond Roll, the first time a column is moved, RiskVal will show a pop up asking the trader to save the column lay out. The trader can then, enter the name of the view and save it. Any column movements made after this first save, will be saved again.


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