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User Experience Enhancements | Weekly Release 1/10/20

Enhancement #1

[GUI] For traders with 4K monitors, added bigger font size options

Where can I find font size options?

From RiskVal’s top menu, click “Preferences” - “Global Preferences”.

From the pop-up window, select “Table Management” from the right and “Default Table Font Size” from the drop-down. Click the preferred font size and then “Apply”.


Enhancement #2

Forward Swap Matrix: revamped the Help menu’s Format References with a PDF containing a full list of supported product types & formats

Where can I find Forward Swap Matrix?

From RiskVal’s top menu, click “Window” - “Open Sheet/View”. From the pop-up window, select “Strategy Arb” from the left and “Forward Swap Matrix” from the right. Click “Open”.

In the Forward Swap Matrix traders can click on the sheet’s local Help menu, then select “Format References”.

A pdf document will pop up over the main window and has a list of all supported product types and formatting information.

The first section covers non-basis swap products (including SOFR swaps, Vol swaps, etc) includes a brief description and how to input the swap in the sheet.

The second section covers single-currency and cross-currency basis swaps, how to format these swaps, and which tabs they can be entered in.


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