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USD Sprd/Bfly Enhancement | Weekly Release 3/11/22


In the butterfly generator, when choosing one bond, the other legs will be the same distance away from the chosen bond

The Butterfly Generator streamlines creating various strategies using the guidelines set by the traders. In the case of generating strategies with a specific bond as the left wing, the generator would not show any strategies.

In this release, when selecting a bond for the left wing, the strategies created will use the bonds that are equidistant from that leg to the belly and from the belly to the right wing.

To generate the strategies, click on “Tools” – “Butterfly Generator”.

In the Generator, check on the “Advanced” box to select the bond for the left wing.

Click on “Generate Butterflies” to see them.

Finally, you can send the strategies to a tab in the Sprd/Bfly.


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