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USD Bond 2+ RVS Graph Enhancement | Weekly Release 10/8/21


Added ability to change order of graphs using “Preferences” – “Graph Order”

Traders who like to use the Change on Day graph to see the movements for the Bonds and Futures can now further customize their graphs by changing the order. Click on “Preferences” -> “Graph Order”. In the pop up, select the graph to move and then press on the “Move Up” or “Move Down” buttons to change the order. Finally, click on “Save”.


When “Show CB12” is selected, CB12 will be shown in OIS/ASW/SOFR graphs as well

Traders already using the USD 2+ Trsy RVS to monitor the change on day can expand the coverage by adding the Current Bill 12M, CB12. This way traders can see how much the change on day is for the 1-year bill.


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