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Trade Blotter Enhancements | Weekly Release 4/8/22

Enhancement #1:

Created new “Realized P&L” trade type to pick up the future’s PnL

For traders tracking the performance of strategies containing futures can now capture the Realized PnL with a click of a button. On the futures, <right click> and select “To Realize P&L”. This function will copy the future details, Daily, and Cumulative PnL to the “Realized P&L” section and save it. This PnL will be added to the “Summary” section at the top of the page when line items are checked.

Note: Once the futures are sent to the “Realized P&L” section, they will not update, it will be fixed

Enhancement #2:

Added support for “1D R” column

To complete the 1 day carry and roll set of columns, the “1D R” column has been added to the Bond section of the Trade Blotter. This column will show the 1 day roll down.

Note: This column can be added from the “table” -> “Manage columns” menu


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