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Trade Blotter Enhancements| Weekly Release 2/16/2024

#1 : Added support for CAD Prov TBills


In this week’s release, traders can now add the CAD Prov TBill” securities to the “Trade Blotter” window. To add the bonds in the “Bond” section, traders can enter the ISIN or CUSIP under the “ISIN/CUSIP” column


Traders can also <right-click> a cell under the Bond” column and select the “Bond Chooser” function to add the “CAD Prov TBill” securities. Once the pop-up window opens, select the “CAD” in the “Currency” section & choose the “Prov TBill” tab to view the list of the securities. Once the selections are made, click “OK”.

#2 : [Listed Option] Added support for the “RXW” future options


Traders can now enter “RXW” future options (EUR-Bund Weekly Options) in the “Opt Symbol” column under the “Listed Option” section (Ex. RXWJ24C2 133, RXWJ24C2 133.5, etc.)


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