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Trade Blotter Enhancement | Weekly Release 4/1/22

Enhancement #1

[Blotter Manager]: If no strategy is selected from left panel, then “Calculation” menu will calculate risk for all tabs displayed

Under the “Blotter Manager” tab, if traders don’t make any selection from the tree table on the left before hitting “Calculation” dropdown, RiskVal will calculate risk for all the open tabs.

To add additional tabs under “My Trades” folder, traders can click on “Tabs” – “Configure Tabs under Blotter Manager”

Please keep in mind that Trade Blotter is not designed for portfolio service as our pre-trade analytics in not suitable for large volumes. We have a separate portfolio service dedicated to real-time P/L and risk management called RV Portfolio. More information is available upon request.

Enhancement #2

Under “Preferences” – “Notional Hedge”, added “Independent” hedging option

Under the XCCY Basis Swap section, when “Independent” is selected, RiskVal will not hedge the other leg. Traders have flexibility to enter their own "MM Rec/Pay Notional" columns.

Note: All light blue columns are editable


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