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Trade Blotter Enhancement| Weekly Release 3/31/2023

Enhancement: [Basis Swap] Added support for HKD

To open up Basis Swap in an existing tab, click “Type” & select “Basis Swap” from the dropdown menu. To open up “Basis Swap” security in new tab, click “New”, select “Basis Swap” from the menu, give the tab a name, & click “Ok”.

Traders can now enter HKD basis swaps. Traders can manually enter the details or can send the trade over from Forward Swap Matrix sheet. To do so, highlight the trades to send over, <right-click> & select “To Trade Blotter”.

Note: Traders can easily send basis swap trades to Forward Swap Matrix sheet from Basis Swap & Custom Basis Swap sheets by selecting “To Forward Swap Matrix” in the bottom right corner of historical graphs.


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