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Trade Blotter Enhancement | Weekly Release 12/17/21


Added a function to allow users to select all the positions in the same currency or same strategy

To help traders manage the line items in their Trade Blotter, there was a function added to help select all positions in the sheet either by currency or by strategy set by the trader. In this manner, calculating risk has been streamlined.

From the “Edit” menu, select either “Check Trades by CCY” or “Check Trades by Strategy”. In the pop up, make the selection and click on click on “Apply”. RiskVal will select the line items accordingly.

By quickly being able to select the all the line items under the selected strategy or currency, the trader can run any of the risk analysis or simply see the total risk at the top of the sheet. This will ensure that a line item for any of these categories is not missed and makes it quicker to select.


Added risk by tag

Traders have the option to add tags to each line item in the Trade Blotter. Leveraging the tags, they can quickly see the risk by tag and security type.

Note: Traders can add the “Tag” column from the “Manage Columns” menu.


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