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Swap Box Enhancements | Weekly Release 3/27/20

Enhanced the recovery of expired strategies with an added preference to view expired trades in a dedicated “Expired Strategies” tab, which traders can right-click to restore back to the “Strategy Analysis” tab

In previous releases, the strategies with expired securities would automatically get deleted from the Swap Box, and would require users to modify their Global Preferences which was a tedious process. In this release, RiskVal has enhanced the restore workflow to give traders the option to show the expired strategies in a unique tab.

To activate the “Expired Strategies” tab, click on “Preferences” - “Show Expired Strategies”. The next time RiskVal comes up, the “Expired Strategies” will appear and aggregate all expired strategies while also maintaining the original strategy hierarchy as defined by the user.

From the “Expired Strategies” tab, traders can restore strategies.

  1. <Right click> on the strategy

  2. Select “Restore

  3. Confirm the trade

  4. The trade will show up in the Strategy Analysis

Once the strategy is in the “Strategy Analysis” right-click on the strategy to “Convert to Cash”, where the CTDs will replace the futures.

Lastly, if traders do not send the strategy over from the Expired tab, the trade will automatically get removed within the next 3-months. Traders can modify this time frame under “Preferences” to select “Set Strategy Expiration”.


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