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Swap Box Enhancement | Weekly Release 10/18/19

Support clearinghouse for USD (LCH/CME) and JPY (JSCC/LCH) such that RiskVal will remember the clearinghouse preference when sending trades from Sprd/Bfly to Swap Box

Traders can now maintain their choice of clearinghouses for USD and JPY strategies sent from the Sprd/Bfly monitor to Swap Box. In Sprd/Bfly, traders can choose their preferred clearinghouse by clicking “Preferences” then hovering over “Clearing House” and selecting an option. The clearing houses supported for USD are LCH and CME and for JPY are JSCC and LCH.

Additionally, traders can manually select their preferred clearinghouse for each leg of the strategy individually in Swap Box. To do this, click in the last row in the forward information section labeled “ClearingHouse” and choose from the drop-down menu.


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