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Sprd/Bfly Enhancements | Weekly Release 5/21/21

Enhancement #1

[Seasonality Analysis] Under the “Eco Event” anchor, added a second "+/-" drop-down to set the end of each time series

Traders leveraging the Seasonality function to see the data leading up to a selected Event, can now set how many days after the event will be plotted. As an example, the CMT 10/30 spread below shows 5 days prior to the 2-year auction and 5 days after the 2-year auction.


Enhancement #2

Added daily and weekly change to the historical graphs with multiple time series

Traders looking at multiple time series have the option to view the data by change on day or change on week. This data can then be applied to the regression analysis. In the example below, showing the weekly change for CMT5 and CMT10 time series, then applying this data to the regression analysis.


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