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Sprd/Bfly Enhancements | Weekly Release 4/3/20

Enhancement #1

Introduced a dedicated Sprd/Bfly windows for INR, IDR and ZAR currencies for EM traders to send potential trading strategies from the corresponding Bond sheet

Added a three new Sprd/Bfly monitor windows that allow traders to analyze strategies for INR (India), IDR (Indonesia), and ZAR (South Africa) currencies. The supported security types for INR, IDR, and ZAR are bonds, swaps (as well as swap spreads).

Traders can also create strategies in the CCY Bond sheets and send them to their respective Sprd/Bfly windows just as they can in others like USD Bond & USD Sprd/Bfly.


Enhancement #2

Enhanced the “Help” – “Format References” for USD & EUR Sprd/Bfly sheets containing a complete list of supported strategy formats. We will continue to make this available for traders to references across all CCY Sprd/Bfly

From the Help menu, click “Format References” to see the PDF file of the entire list of tickers supported across both EUR and USD Sprd/Bfly sheets.


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